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Singular works at accessible prices, available online all over the world.

Contents created by our team of experts to understand everything about the art market.

An intimate exhibition with guided tours designed to make you feel like home.

A good deed thanks to a part of the profits donated to our partner association.

Curious by nature? Passionate about art and culture? A digger of good plans?

You've come to the right place! Join the community of New Collectors to discover talented and promising young artists, live a personalized experience, and acquire a unique work at an affordable price! 

You too can become a collector thanks to our
Art & Charity Campaign 
thought for you, for the artists, and for a good cause...

Let's break down prejudices


"Contemporary art is complicated"

You think contemporary art is complicated? Too complicated for you? It is a myth!

Thanks to our team of experts and our cultural program, dive into the heart of the new generation of committed artists. Discover their works in all simplicity and apprehend in an intimate way their universes thanks to the contents which we produce for you.

"Contemporary art is too expensive!"

It is one of the most persistent! We intend to disprove it by showing you another facet of the contemporary creation.

Aware that not everyone can afford the Salvator Mundi ('work' or not...), we design editions around works adapted to all budgets and desires. Our selection goes from 50€ to 5000€, accessible online everywhere in the world.

"Contemporary art is not for me"

Art, especially contemporary art, can sometimes seem complicated, impenetrable, or even disconcerting!                         

By joining the New Collectors community, you will benefit from a rich and accessible annual mediation for all. Are you passionate about fashion, music or cinema? Don't doubt it, you already have the soul of an art lover!   

"Contemporary art, I know nothing about it ..."

This is a good thing! We have developed an all-in-one service package especially for you.

As we have to start somewhere, we have put the small dishes in the big ones. Through our dedicated support and cultural program, we offer you the opportunity to discover the art world... Whether you buy a work or not!

Qu'est-ce-que c'est ?

les nouveaux collectionneurs, what's that?

An initiative launched by Tous Mécènes Tous Collectionneurs (association under the law of 1901) to allow you to discover the art world and the young creation in a different way. It is also, and above all, a community of amateurs and emerging collectors convinced that buying is one of the best ways to support artists.

Starting a collection is within everyone's reach! It is a learning process, a process during which our team of art historians and professionals wish to be at your side and guide you.

Treat yourself to works that tell a story and reflect your convictions. A collection can be many things at once: a personal journey and pleasure, a commitment to culture and creation, a testimony to your personal choices, a long-term investment, or a collection of artistic creations that reflect your own personality.


The aim is to create, through regular meetings and rich and understandable content, a community of "emerging", dynamic, curious and adventurous collectors with whom you can share your favorite works. 

les nouveaux collectionneurs, how does it work? 

In the company of your friends or family, meet artists from various backgrounds and dialogue with an attentive and dynamic team.


Through an exhibition and a cultural program designed around high points and an online art sale, we invite you to encourage emerging artistic production by supporting the artists who make the art of tomorrow. Each new edition will feature workshops, conferences and performances to punctuate your discovery of the chosen theme.


Supported by your membership to our association, our team proposes throughout the year activities and meetings around contemporary art. Let us help you change your view of the art market through a playful and committed approach!


A art collection reflects the personality of the collector

Any collection is a work of art in itself

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