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Works, installations, performances, the group exhibition FRONTIÈRES presents a broad overview of the techniques (drawing, painting, photography, engraving, sculpture, etc.) used by the artists to cross conceptual and physical boundaries. As singular and autonomous as they are, the works have in common that they reflect, each in their own way, their capacity to observe and decipher our constantly changing world.

The art works presented translate the commitments of some of them to social and societal issues related to the environment (Alina(lalala)), to migratory identity (Miguel Marajo, La Zer, Cléophée Moser, Adèle Pécout), to the glance carried on the urban landscape and its identities (Emmanuel Mousset, Jeanne Varaldi, Léa Rivera Hadjes, Valentine Esteve, Thibault Lucas, Anne Damesin, Jareth Figueroa, Jean-Baptiste Joire), or on the control of the bodies (Léa Rinaldi, Valentine Esteve).

They refer as much to the tangible as to the intangible by treating the border as a passage, a bridge separating reality from the imaginary and encouraging the meeting of the other (Daniela Prost, Yann Le Coroller, Marie-Edith Charni Robinne, Yanieb Fabre, Benjamin Beni, Manon Pretto, Mathilde Roussillat, Marine Bonamy, Ismail Odetola, Tiffany Bouelle, Juliette Baigné)

One possibility.

The health crisis we are going through is added to the themes explored. Lived on a global scale, this experience reinforces the current problems where the notion of border, sometimes physical, sometimes abstract, is more than ever put to the test.

Through a journey in four stages, the public is plunged into the heart of contemporary issues ranging from the political to the philosophical, from the physical to the imaginary, from the social to the environmental.

In a world constantly subjected to movements of contestation, the selected artists bring aestheticism, a welcome poetry, but also relentlessly explore avenues of reflection and common actions to be deepened to invent new living-together.

Les Artistes

The artists

Culturel program and reservation here

Free entrance from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

(Sun 12 pm-7pm)



Guided tours


Artistic workshops


Opening hours & access

From May 27th to June 1st
From 10am to 8pm - Sunday from 12pm to 7pm

Espace Voltaire

81 boulevard Voltaire

75011 Paris

Place of temporary occupation carried by Plateau Urbain

Metro 5 Richard-Lenoir

Metro 9 Saint-Ambroise


31 contemporary artists

98 original art works

8 countries represented

55% of works under 500 €

The partner association


Bibliothèques Sans Frontières encourages the implementation of innovative cultural and educational policies in France for disadvantaged populations. To this end, the association develops tools and programs designed to stimulate and strengthen public reading networks and socio-cultural actors.


With the Ideas Box, the Voyageurs du Numérique, Khan Academy or BSF Campus, BSF accompanies change within libraries and offers innovative educational tools that librarians, teachers and socio-cultural animators can appropriate and use with their public.


The strategy for the dissemination of these projects focuses in particular on urban policy districts and rural areas. Programs aimed at supporting the integration of asylum seekers and refugees are also developed in the region.


The tools and programs carried out by the association are designed primarily for the most disadvantaged groups, in a dynamic of co-construction with local actors.

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