Catalina Covacevich

Born in Mexico City in 1993 into a Chilean family, Catalina Covacevich is a visual artist trained in philosophy and visual arts. She works in Sao Paulo, mainly in the fields of painting, collage, performance, and installation.

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As a multidisciplinary artist, she appropriates different practices to reflect on various current and personal subjects.


Through collage, she creates a game where pieces of the universe found by chance come together to tell a story in a different context. Photography and performance, considered by the artist as more intimate mediums, allow her to address contemporary issues such as migration and the relationship between body and mind.


Painting is a more intuitive process for her. Inspired by the study of prehistoric art and the shapes and symbols found in caves and stones, she lets herself be carried away by the material to create textures, colors, and sensations.


Catalina Covacevich

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