Léa Rivera Hadjes

Léa Rivera Hadjes was born in 1990, she lives and works in the Paris region. She joined the Atelier des Beaux Arts de la ville de Paris Centre Glacière in 2010. One year later, she was accepted at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris (ENSBA) and obtained her diploma (DNSAP) in June 2016.

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Léa is constantly experimenting with different mediums in her studio Les Grandes Serres in Pantin (93), engraving, alugraphy, installation, video, drawings... She is currently collaborating with a costume designer and two dancers and choreographers on two scenography and dance performance projects.



A gleaner of light, sound, and movement, Léa Rivera Hadjes focuses on the details of everyday life. Borrowing at times from the lexical field of cinema, her work is an invitation to go beyond the frame, to see beyond. In recent years, she has become very interested in pendular migration, referring to the daily journey between the place of residence and the place of work or learning, a constrained movement, and an inter-time.


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Léa Rivera Hadjes

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